Mathematician C. S. Seshadri passed away

He received Padma Bhushan, Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award, Royal Society Scholarship, American Mathematical Society Scholarship.

He set up the Chennai Mathematical Institute and turned many intelligent young people to mathematics.

He was influenced by the French mathematicians Andre Vail and Henry Poincare.

Leading and working abroad; But the difference of Seshadri is that he stayed in the country and made students. Many were impressed by Seshadri’s simplicity, open-mindedness, love of life, obsession with excellence.

He developed the Narasimhan-Sheshadri Siddhanta in 1965 with the help of his friend Narasimhan. It is considered the foundation of field theory and formula theory.

From the research of Seshadri and Narasimhan, ‘Seshadri constant’ came into existence.

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