Mali junta plans ‘transitional’ government

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Mali junta plans ‘transitional’ govt as West African bloc stands by Keita Mali’s new military junta said on Thursday it would form a transitional government as West Africa’s neighbors. They would send envoys to help “immediately restore constitutional order” and called for the ousted president to be reinstated. Rebel forces seized power and dealt a new blow to President Ibrahim Bobbaker Keita, Prime Minister Bobo Siege, and other officials in a country facing intense instability and insurgency.

Ismail Wag’s statement: We are going to establish a transitional president, a transitional president who is going to be either military or civilian. The comments came after regional bloc Ecovas backed Kita and the “constitutional order”.

President of Niger Mahamadou Issofu’s statement: Through the talks, ECOWAS will send a message to military leaders that the time has come to take power in the region by force. In 2012, rebellions broke out in the northern part of the country and developed into a jihadist insurgency, threatening neighboring Niger and Burkina Faso. Mali is now in a critical situation. The collapse of states and institutions leads to reversals. In the fight against terrorism and organized crime. This has consequences for all our communities. The bloc had proposed forming a unity government. With opposition representatives, but Keta also stood firm. This package was rejected by opponents. Calling itself the National Committee for the Salvation of the People, led by Colonel Asimi Goita.

Reference: DD News

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