‘Malabar 2020’ is a joint war exercise in the Bay of Bengal

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The naval exercises ‘Malabar 2020’ of the navies of India, US, Japan and Australia are starting in the Bay of Bengal. On the date of 3rd November 2020.

The speciality of the Malabar 2020

The exercise will be held in two phases, the first in Visakhapatnam from November 3 to November 6. The goal is cooperation, common values ​​and commitment in the Indo-Pacific region.

Participation of Indian Navy in Malabar 2020

The Indian Navy will be led by Rear Admiral Sanjay Vatyayan. The exercises include Indian Navy’s Same Destroyer Ranvijay, Frigate Shivalik, Patrol Vessel Sukanya, Fleet Support Ship Shakti and Sindhuraj Submarine. Also, advanced jet trainer hawks, long-range sea patrol aircraft P-81, Dornier aircraft and helicopters will be involved.

War operations Exercise

It will also include exercises in warfare, naval development and weapons handling against submarines and airstrikes.

The second phase of Malabar 2020 will be held in the Arabian Sea in mid-November.

The Indo-US, Japanese and Australian naval joint Malabar 20 exercises began. This 24th joint exercise will take place in two phases. The first phase involves rigorous and modern war studies.

History of the Malabar Exercise

The Malabar Naval Exercise was launched in 1992 between India and the United States. It has been joined by Japan since 2015. In the year 2020, Australia is also participating in this exercise.

The four most important, democratic countries in the Indo-Pacific region have mutual trust; And those countries are working together on security issues.


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