Major Dyanchand’s birthday 29 August: National Sports Day

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Major Dyanchand is the Gretest hockey player of India. Every year India celebrated his birthday 29 August as National Sports Day. He was born in 29 August 1905.
Who is Major Dhyanchand?
Major Dhyanchand is a great name in Indian hockey. Hockey is their lifeblood. He and his friends used to cut palm tree branches and make his hockey stick to play hockey. Many international matches Dyanchnd scored goals and wins the match.Strengths of Major Dyanchand :
Outstanding countroal of the ball. when they have the ball in their possession, it is as if no one else is playing on the field. He have ability to pass accurately.

Which year Dhyancchand Represent from India?
In the year 1928- Amsterdam
1932- Los Angeles
1936- Berlin

Key Points :
1.Major Dhyanchand retired from the Army 1956
2.Padma Bhushan award 1956
3.Appointed as the head of the National Sports Institute in Patiala.
4.Gold Medals in Olympic 1928, 1932, 1936
5.570 Goals in 185 matches.
6.He died in 3 December 1979.

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