Madhav Kondwilkar passed away

71 / 100

About Madhav Kondwilkar:

Senior writer Madhav Gunaji Kondwilkar passed away at Ratnagiri on 12th September 2020. His name spread far and wide due to his daily autobiography, Mukkam Post Devaache Gothane. The book has been translated into many languages, including French.

Kondwilkar’s autobiography is based on the situation in Konkan from 1969 to 1977. Kondwliker could not find a house to live in due to social conditions, at which time writer and critic Professor Dr. Suresh Joshi had arranged for him to stay in Devrukh. Dr. Joshi evoked these memories while talking to All India Radio about the creation of the book Mukkam Post Devache Gothane.

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