Lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion battery
Image Source – Google |Image by – Mpt-matthew

The lithium-ion battery used very many electronic devices. Including mobile phones. The battery life of this battery is larger than the other battery. Scientists’ searching to make better-using wood, fruits, and man-made diamonds has reached a critical stage.

The lithium-ion battery currently in use has the highest energy density. Also the highest voltage in comparison to other batteries. In this battery cathode made of metal oxide. After the charging of battery lithium particles and electrons travel from the cathode to the anode and stored in the form of electrochemical energy. The countries Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile, known as the ‘Lithium Triangle’, are facing a number of environmental problems due to lithium batteries. For getting 950 grams of lithium one million liters of water are required. 150 crore batteries are sold every year. The researcher developed a technique to charge mobile phones and laptops in a matter of minutes by using the fruit in a supercapacitor. This is the best way to store energy.

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