Kim Jong-un or Kim Jong Un

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Childhood And Rise To Power of Kim:
Kim Jong born on 8th January 1984 in North Korea. His father was Kim Jong II. Kim Jong Il has three sons. Kim Jong-Un lived most of his life out of the public eye. He was educated in Gümligen, Switzerland, at the International School of Berne. After that, he went on to study Kim Il-Sung National War College in P’yŏngyang in the year between 2002 to 2007. He was elected as a candidate for the Supreme People’s Assembly in 2009. He was given a position on the National Defense Commission – NDC. He was the chairmanship of the NDC. In the year of 2009, Kim Jong-Un was known by the title “Brilliant Comrade,”. After that, he had been head of the State Security Department. In the year of 2010, Kim Jong-Un was given the four-star general. In the year of 2016 the congress of the Supreme People’s Assembly. Revised the constitution to broaden and solidify Kim Jong-Un’s position. The new commission replaced the NDC as North Korea’s most powerful governing agency.

Leadership Of North Korea :
Kim implemented North Korea’s nuclear program in December 2001. His Uncle Jung Song-Thaik. Jung was a member of the board under Kim Jong Il and later served as a virtual agent for the young Kim. Under Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s nuclear program was fit and started. The country’s first underground nuclear explosion in October 2006 came just months after the series. Ballistic missile tests, but observers have shown excellent performance middling in this early period. The first nuclear test by the Kim Jong-un government since February 2013 was an underground explosion and a long-range missile test. In the year 2017North Korea had complited a total of six nuclear tests. Kim and Moon met for a historic summit in the “Peace Village” of Pimanmunzam. The two Korean leaders met face-to-face for more than two decades, marking the first time the pair had been marked. For the first time in history, on June 12, 2018, the leaders of the United States and North Korea met face to face. Kim promised to work “in the right direction.” Nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula “. Trump vows to end South Korean military exercises in the United States.

Reference Used : by – Lorraine Murray

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