Kamala Harris has been chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate

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Harris was initially in the race for the presidency from the Democratic Party. But they not succeed. Now they have a new opportunity. 55-year-old Harris will be named vice president. If Joe Biden wins the presidency.
What is the relation of Kamala with India?
Kamala was born in Oakland, California. Her mother was born in India. Father was in Jamaica.

Life Journey of Kamala Harris :
In the year of 2014, Kamala Harris married Douglas Amhoff. At the movement according to Indian tradition, the lotus wore a garland of flowers and the Douglas to his Jewish tradition, smashed the glass under his feet.

Why Kamala Harris Become Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate?
Kamala Studied at Harvard University in the United States for four years. At the University of California, Kamala Harris graduated with a law degree.
In 2003, she became the District Attorney of San Francisco.
The Year of 2017 she was elected as the Junor U. S. senator of California.

What is the role of racism?
Protest against racism is taking place in the US. The Black Lives Matter movement is gaining momentum. Voices are being raised against the violence perpetrated by the police. In this movement, Harris has taken the lead.

Kamala Harris’s is an Indian descent So that American Indian’s also see her as one of us. This is the reason that the opportunity given to Kamala for the post of Vice President.

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