Jupiter-Saturn’s grand alliance 21st December

After 397 years, astronomers will get a chance to see the rare astronomical event Jupiter-Saturn in space on December 21. After this, such a grand alliance will be seen directly in 2080.

When two planets appear to be close to each other in space, the phenomenon is called an alliance in astronomical terms. However, on December 21, two giant planets are forming an alliance. Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun is 11.86 years, while Saturn’s is 29.5 years. Hey Both planets revolve around the sun in their orbits.

As a result, every 19 years and 7 months, the two planets appear to be close to each other, forming an alliance.

On December 21, the two planets will be at a distance of only 0.1 degree (6 minutes 6 arcseconds) from each other, which is 735 million kilometers.

And his partner Arundhati is both at a distance of 0.2 degrees, the two planets will be seen at a distance of half. Although these planets are seen together, actually Jupiter is 86 crore kilometers away from us, while Saturn is 159 crore kilometers away. Earlier, on July 16, 1623, such a grand alliance was witnessed.

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