July 26, World Thorn forest Day

Image Source – Google | by – Nature/Landscapes

The small country of Ecuador, which is dependent on thorn bushes, started celebrating the International Day for the Conservation of the thorn forests on July 26 every year.

The annual general meeting of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided to celebrate ‘World Salt Day’ in 2015 to raise awareness about salinity conservation all over the world.

The United Nations has set 16 goals for sustainable development by 2030.

 Of which-

No. 6: Clean drinking water

No. 13: Solving the problem of climate change

No. 14: Protection and conservation of underwater life

No. 15 Conservation and conservation of terrestrial life

To achieve these four objectives, it is imperative to preserve the thorny forests.

Reference: E-Paper Loksatta

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