Joe Biden Democratic Party’s presidential candidate

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Joe Biden’s name was officially approved as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. The convention was held in a virtual manner at the Democratic Party. Now, in the November 3 presidential election, there will be a bitter battle between Republican leader and incumbent President Donald Trump as well as Democratic candidate Biden.
Biden (77) served as US Vice President for eight years, from January 2009 to January 2017. On Thursday, he will deliver a speech on accepting the candidature. Biden, a Delaware senator, said the U.S. presidency.
Representatives of the Democratic Party sealed the candidacy of Joe Biden at a virtual convention. Biden accepted the candidacy after a virtual attendance of delegates from fifty states. Important in bringing about the role was fulfilled. Biden has been congratulated by his vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris. In the current scenario, Biden is 7.7 points ahead of Trump. In June, the lead was 10.2 points. Meanwhile, Trump’s presidential candidacy is set to be sealed at the Republican Party’s virtual convention next week.
Meanwhile, former President Bill at the Democratic Party convention Clinton, Jimmy Carter, former Secretary of State Colin Powell attended and supported Biden’s candidacy.

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