‘Jivika Medi Robot’ Useful in covid centers: Central Railway

Indian Railway technical department has developed a ‘Jivaka Medi Robot’. This robot treats coronary heart disease. For this invention patients can be treated at a safe distance. In the paral station this Robt inaugurated by General Manager Sanjeev Mittal.
Paral workshop of Indian Railway has manufactured masks, PPE covers, sanitizers, oxygen trolleys. Jivaka helps keep a safe distance between doctors, medical staff and patients during treatment.

What are the duties of Jeevika Medi Robot?
Measure patients ‘blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen and body temperature. Jivika is equipped with a camera to communicate between infected patients and doctors. Using a screen doctor can communicate with patients. They can take medicine using a medicine box.

Reference : Daily News Paper Loksatta

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