JEE Advance 2020 Topper ‘Chirag Falor’

JEE Advance 2020

Chirag Falor of Pune has become the Topper in the ‘JEE Advance’ entrance examination for admission to engineering institutes like IITs and NITs. With 43,204 students across the country qualifying for the examination.

Among the girls, Kanika Mittal topped the the division Taken by IIT Delhi Of ‘JEE Advance’

The results were announced online on 5th October 2020. Due to the corona infection, the entrance exams ‘JEE Mains’ and ‘JEE Advance’ had to be postponed. Therefore, after ‘JEE Mains’ on August, 21.

Top across the country

Niyati Manish Mehta (IIT Mumbai)

Gutta Sindhuja (Delhi)

Akruti Pandey (Guwahati)

Priya Moghe (Kanpur)

Anushka (Khadgarpur)

Kothapalli Namita (Madras)

Krishna Mittal (Roorkee)

Top of various groups

Chirag Falor (general)

L. Jitendra, GB Reddy (OBC)

Adi Uday (SC)

Pranjal Singh (SC)

K. S. Kumar (General PWD)

Reference Used

  1. E Paper Loksatta
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