International Soar Alliance

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PrimeMinister of India Narendra Modi announced the establishment of an ‘International Solar Alliance’ with the French President Francwa Hollande at the 21st and 6th/14th Conference of the Parties at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Paris on 30the November 2015. The alliance is of intergovernmental nature and is open to other countries, including the tropics. In this alliance the United Nations with 121 member countries. The alliance is headquartered in India (Gurugram, Delhi).

The main objectives of this alliance are:
1) Members according to the energy needs of the country, joint efforts for solar energy projects.2) Private and community dollars to build 1 to 100-gigawatt capacity solar power projects.
3) Alliance Will provide 500 sessions of countries, launch a solar- energy campaign aimed at research development
5) 56 of the 121 countries in the alliance have signed agreements; with the rest of the world.

Work of Alignment :
Helping the development status, specifications, and test protocols of solar energy systems, promoting solar Resource meetings and Use of Appropriate Technology in Member Counties; Conducting workshops, conferences, meetings for the training of policymakers, engineers, students; strive for global availability of solar lighting with member countries.

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