India’s longest ‘rope-way over a river’ connecting North and South banks.

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Along with 2 km long rope-way. This rope-way is over the Brahmaputra. This can be considered as an India’s longest ‘rope-way over a river’. This rope-way is connecting the North and South banks of the mighty river. Brahmaputra was inaugurated in Guwahati by the State PWD Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma. Guwahati Development Department Minister Siddharth Bhattacharyya and MP Queen Ojah. Built at a cost of 56 crores, the rope-way comprises of two cabins, each with a capacity of 30 passengers and one operator.

The ropeway is connecting Guwahati to North Guwahati to Kachari ghat in Guwahati and also the Dol Govinda temple in North Guwahati.

Reference Used: DD news 

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