Indian Wildlife Week 2nd to 8th October

Every year since 1954, the National Board of Wildlife of the Government of India has observed the week from 2nd October to 8th October as ‘Indian Wildlife Week‘.  2020 is the 66th year of this week. 

This week has been celebrated every year since 2011 with a special Sankalpasutra.  For example, ‘Wildlife and Water-2014’, ‘Living with Wildlife-2015’, etc. 

The ‘theme of the year 2020’ Wildlife Week This year’s theme for this week is ‘Training All Life on Earth’, which means ‘Sustaining All Living on Earth’!  Every living thing depends on one or more living things around it.  Predators of the marsupial family, such as tigers, lions, and leopards, are at the top of the food chain in the forest.  Even if a lower species in the food chain becomes extinct, it has adverse effects on these predatory species.

The increasing rate of human encroachment poses many challenges and problems for wildlife. Their existence is in danger due to the development of their tribals, poaching, development works, and many more.  Human-wildlife conflict sometimes takes a serious form.  On the occasion of Indian Wildlife Week, various awareness programs are organized all over India.  Some NGOs as well as the government run various activities for school and college students.

Reference Used: E Paper Loksatta

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