India withdraws from multilateral military exercise Kavkaz 2020 in Russia

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Key Points of Exercise Kavkaz 2020 :

1. India has announced that it is withdrawing from multilateral Military Exercise Kavkaz 2020. This exercise to be held in Russia the next month.

2. Russia and India are close and privileged strategic partners and at Russia’s invitation, India has been participating in many international events.

3.Main Resume of Pandemic and consequent difficulties in exercise.

4. Also including arrangements of logistics, India has decided not to send a contingent this year to Kavkaz-2020.

5. Indian planing was around 150 Indian Army troops, 45 Indian Air Force personnel, and a number of Navy officers sending for the military exercise.

6. This military exercise to be held in the Astrakhan region in southern Russia.

7.Date of the exercise starting from 15th to 26th September.

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