Raphael Aircraft Agreement India –France

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India –France Raphael Aircraft Agreement
Raphael Aircraft
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The first convoy of five Rafale planes left France for India. The Rs 59,000 Jet has a single stop in the United Arab Emirates and will arrive at the Air Force Base in Ambala on Wednesday. France’s Dassault had agreed to supply 36 aircraft. The planes have taken off from Bordeaux Airport in France and will cover a distance of 7,000 km. France had earlier supplied Jaguar, Mirage, and Mysore aircraft to India. A total of ten Rafale aircraft have been built, five of which have been delivered. The second squadron of Raphael aircraft will be stationed at Hasimara base in West Bengal by the Indian Air Force. Thirty of the 36 Rafale jets are fighter jets, while BVR missiles have been delivered to India, with six training aircraft at a cost of Rs 400 crore for MBDA storage hangars and care facilities.

Features :

The training aircraft has two seats and has all the features of a fighter aircraft Designed with an advanced version of the Meteor missile.  The first squadron of these aircraft will be stationed at the airbase at Ambala. It is equipped with a meteor missile and a scalp cruise missile manufactured by the European MBDA company. These missiles can be launched from the air. one.

Raphael Aircraft : 
Weight: 24,500kg
Height: 5.3 Meter
Length 10.3 meter
Speed: 1,389 km/hr.
Engine: M888-2

Reference : www.epaper.loksatta.com

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