India extendes 1 million USD to Antigua And Barbuda for : COVID 19

The date of 12, August 2020 India extended 1 million US Doller. This money for the country Antigua and Barbuda for COVID 19. The main aim is for improving health infrastructure in the Country.
Key Points : India has also offered 1 million US Doller for Caribbean Community under CARICOM.

What is CARICOM?
This is a group of Twenty developing countries in the Caribbean region. In this 1 million US Doller assistance, the countries are to be assisted with disposable impervious gowns, ventilators, face shields, full goggles, gloves, disposable masks. Also, Antiga and Barbuda are to receive 10,000 Hydroxychloroquine tablets. CARICOM was established in 1973. Under these 15 members included. These countries are Antigua, Barbuda, Barbados, Bahamas, Dominica, Belize, Grenada, Haiti, Guyana, Montserrat, Jamaica, St Kitts, St Vincent, Suriname, Grenadines, Trinidad, and Tobago.
Every six months the chairmanship of CARICOM is rotated under this group’s countries. The main focus of CARICOM is to benefit people of the region by providing more and better opportunities. The GOI funded 1.66 million USD to the Caricom for their information technology development, software, and communication development.

The India – CARICOM Summit held in New York. The year of 2019. The main aim of this meeting is climate change and India’s participation in the CARICOM group. India declared to provide fourteen million US Doller grant for the development projects. Also, India announced to 150 million US Doller of credit for solar energy.

What is UNDP Fund?
Under India and UNDP these proposals of Antigua and Barbuda were given. These funds are managed by the United Nations Office forensic (South-South Cooperation). The first India – CARICOM Conclave was held in the year of 2009. This time main focus on investment in industries, in water pumps for irrigation, small scale industries, medicines were identified.

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