India, Brazil, South Africa Meeting on 16th September 2020

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India, Brazil, and South Africa Meet:

UN Security Council India, Brazil, and South Africa Meet on the date of 16th September 2020. Need for the international community to redouble efforts. The main aim is to achieve tangible progress comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council.

About the IBSA Meeting;

1.IBSA Foreign Ministers meeting was chaired by Dr. S. Jaishnkar Minister of External Affairs. IBSA Foreign Ministers through the online conference.

2.S. Jaishnkar issued a Joint Statement on reform of the UNSC.

3. He expressed collective frustration with the slow progress of reforms in the Inter-Governmental Negotiations.

4.Minister of this meeting furthering IBSA cooperation.

5. Thet discusses the various problems of global significance.

6.peace, security, countering terrorism, climate change, and sustainable development.

#India, Brazil, and South Africa Meet

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