India provides 500 million USD assistance to the Maldives

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External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar announced that the Government of India provides 100 million USD of grant. Also, India provides 400 million USD of the line of credit to the Maldives. This fund is used to connectivity projects.

Key Points:
This is the help of financial assistance from India to Maldive. This is the largest infrastructure program. This scheme connects Male in the Maldives and also three other islands Villingili, Gulhifahu, and Thilafushi. Both countries started regular cargo ferry services. This will boost the trade and commerce of India as well as Maldive. India also supports the construction of a port in Gulhifhu. Indian also renewed the supply of essential commodities for the Maldives for the year 2020-21. The main items are potatoes, rice, sugar, wheat, dal, and river sands.

Addu Atoll Island :
10th, August 2020 India and Maldives signed a contract. To develop five eco-tourism zones in the Island Addu Atoll. This is a HICDP (High-Impact Community Development Project ) scheme. This program involves 5.5 million USD in the Maldives. In this year July 2020, three HICDP projects related to setting up of the fish-processing plant.

What is HICDP?
This HICDP project started by the Maldives Government. This scheme involves high-level community impact. Examples, child empowerment, health, education, income generation, sports, sustainable development.

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