Hindi Diwas 14th September 2020

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It was on this day in 1949 that the constituent assembly adopted Hindi written in Devanagari as the official language of the country. Today, Hindi is one of the widely spoken languages in the world and the first language of more than 520 million people.

The pioneer was the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee whose address to the UN General Assembly is still recalled by one and all.

1918, Mahatma Gandhiji had asked to make Hindi language a national language in Hindi Sahitya Sammelan.

1949 The decision was taken on 14 September 1949 after much deliberation on the question of the national language of independent India. which is described in Article 343 (1)

of the Chapter 17 of the Constitution of India as follows.

The national language of the union will be Hindi and the script Devanagari. The form of the numerals used for state purposes of the Union shall be international. This decision was taken on September 14, the same day was the 50th birthday of the Hindi literary writer Vyauhar Rajendra Sinha, which is why this day was considered the best for Hindi Day.

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