Gujarat Ropex Service

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Ropex ferry service between Hazira and Ghogha in Gujarat on Sunday and the Ropex terminal at Hazira. This is an important step in the government’s plan to use waterways for the economic development of the country.

What is ropex?

The Ropex service will be made available by the magnificent three-deck ship ‘Voyage Symphony’. There will be many benefits to this shipping between Hazira and Ghogha. The waterway will be the gateway between South Gujarat and Saurashtra and the distance between Ghogha and Hazira will be reduced from 370 km to 90 km. At the same time, the transport time for heavy goods will be reduced from 10 to 12 hours to only four hours.

Service of Ropex

There will be three round trips per day from Hazira to Ghogha. It will be able to transport about five lakh passengers and 80,000 passenger vehicles, 50,000 two-wheelers and 30,000 freight cars a year.

Benefits of Ropex

It is estimated that carbon emissions will decrease by about 24 metric tons per day or 8,653 metric tons per year. Nature as well as religious tourism in Gujarat is greatly enhanced by Ropex to get a boost.


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