Government Scheme soil health cards

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D.V Sadananda Gowda Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers. Clarify from farmers to reduce excessive use of Urea, which he pointed out, is spoiling the soil health. In the program Self-Reliant India and Sustainable Agriculture organized by IFFCO for the farmers of Karnataka. Minister informs the farmers to use fertilizers based on soil health cards.

About the Soil health card Mission:

In the year 2023, India will be self-reliant. In the field of production of fertilizers.
Under the new program Atmanirbhar Bharat. New fertilizer manufacturing units are being started at an investment of 40,000 crore rupees.

The government is encouraging the production of organic and nano fertilizers. D.V Gowda informed that nano fertilizers distributed freely to 12,000 farmers and agriculture universities. Over India.

What is nano fertilizer?

The nano fertilizers are 25 to 30 percent cheaper. Have resulted in 18 to 35 percent higher yield and kept the soil in good health. In this program marketing for the creation of artificial scarcity of Urea in the state. The fertilizer dealers, agents, and distributors’ godown and outlets were raided and the licenses of 48 distributors were canceled for black marketing.

Reference Used : Air News

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