Giraffes in the grassland ecosystem of Africa 2020

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Giraffes in Africa

According to the 1985 census, the available information is about the same in Africa. It was estimated that there would be 155,000 giraffes. But a survey conducted in 2016 revealed that there were only 97,513 giraffes left. That means the number of giraffes has dropped by almost 40 percent in the last three decades. Therefore, giraffes were listed as ‘unsafe’ in IUCN’s ‘Red Data’ list that year. The majority of giraffe subspecies were studied in 2018, some of which have been reported as ‘critically endangered’.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF)

A survey conducted by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) in 2019 found that the number of giraffes was expected to decline. As a result, the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) red data has grown to 111,000. But on the other hand, giraffes have become extinct in seven countries on the African continent.

GCF is the only organization working for the conservation and management of giraffes in Africa. For this, the organization collaborates with the government, NGOs, universities, researchers, local groups and IUCN. GCF, in collaboration with IUCN, is working on environmental education in addition to classification of giraffes ‘strategic locations, chromosomal research, survey of their counts and assessments, installation of GPS strips on giraffes’ necks for satellite records, and their migration procedures. Like the GCF, the Giraffe and Occupy Specialist Group (GST) has been instrumental in the conservation and management of giraffes in Africa.

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