Genetic map of India?

For the first time, a genetic map of culturally and socially diverse India will be drawn. The Department of Biotechnology has launched an ambitious project called ‘Genome India-Cataloging the Genetic Variations in Indians’. Under this project, the health of Indians will be analyzed through genome sequencing and this project can be radical in determining the medical policy of the country. Biotechnology of the Union Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Genome India project was approved by the department in January. The project is being implemented under the leadership of Renu Swaroop. The director of the Center for Brain Research at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Pvt. National Coordinator of Vijayalakshmi Rabindranath Project.

Large genome related projects have been implemented. The Genome India project is now stepping into that field in India. In the last decade, some projects have been implemented in the field of genetics in the country. But implemented for the first time at the national level in this ongoing project
Twenty-two well-known research institutes from across the country are involved, said Dr. Krishna Kumar, senior researcher at the project. Presented by Santosh Dixit.

Senior Researcher, Dr. Mayurika Lahiri said that the project includes medical, information technology, genetics, anthropology, education.
The analysis involves experts from a variety of fields. It will be genetically analyzed by collecting blood samples from the citizens of the area through twelve hospitals across the country.

Jenetic Map

Blood samples will be collected and analyzed for hemogram, fat content, sugar content, liver and kidney function, blood pressure. About twenty-four thousand genes will then be isolated by separating DNA from the blood. In this way, when the information of ten thousand people is collected, a genetic map will be created. The nature of Indian diseases, its basic genetic causes can be traced.

Reference: E paper Loksatta 18/10/2020

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