Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day
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The first Sunday of August celebrating friendship day. Many countries celebrated this day. Mostly young people around the globe involving joyfully this function. This year India celebrated on the 2nd of Augst this day. 30th July is the word friendship Day.

Friendship Day History :
The first idea of this day was Joyce Hal. He was the founder of Hallmark Cars in 1920. In 1958 by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho started the foundation of Word Friendship Crusade. This is a global civil organization that propagates world peace and equality through friendship day.
In 1935 US Congress decided to dedicate a day in the honor of friends. The First World War still showing and increasing hostility and hated between countries. This is a great need for friendship and camaraderie not only among nations but also individuals.
The US decided to designate the first Sunday of the month of August. In the year of 1997, United Nation named Winnie – the Pooh, the famous cartoon character as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship.

The invention of the day :
Dr. Ramon suggested this new idea of Friendship Day. He strongly believes in friends and relationships. The day celebrates the beautiful bond of friendship regardless of gender, caste, and religion.

Other friendship Day :

  1. Women’s Friendship Day is on the third Sunday in August.
  2. Old Friends Day is on the third week of May.
  3. Wole of February is designated as the International Friendship Month.
    List of dates dedicated to Friendship Day in other Countries :
  4. United State: February 15
  5. Colombia: Second Saturday of March
  6. Pakistan: July 19
  7. India: First Sunday of August
  8. Malaysia: First Sunday of August
  9. Finland: July 23
  10. Uruguay: July 20

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