Former MP Rosa Deshpande passed away

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Senior Communist leader, former MP Rosa Deshpande passed away at her residence in Dadar on 20/09/2020. She was 92 years old. He is survived by a married daughter, son, and grandchildren. The founding member of the Communist Party of India. She was the daughter of Shripad Amrit Dange.

She entered politics through the student movement through the All India Students Federation. She has joined the Communist Party. She was actively involved in the United Maharashtra Movement and the Goa Liberation Movement. She was also active in the labor movement.

Women workers were being exploited on a large scale in pharmaceutical companies in the Mumbai area. When the marriage took place, women workers were forced to resign. Rosa Deshpande protested against this and forced the private pharmaceutical companies to repeal such an unjust rule.

In the 1974 Lok Sabha by-election, she was elected to the Lok Sabha from the North-Central Mumbai constituency as a Communist Party candidate.

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