First Private Upper Stage Rocket Engine: India

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Skyroot Aerospace has a test-fired upper stage rocket engine. This is the first Indian private company to demonstrate the capability of a homegrown rocket engine.

Key Points of Rocket :
This is a 3D printed rocket engine. This was named after the Nobel Laureate Sir C. V. Raman. The weighed of the rocket is half of the conventional rocket engines. It had fewer moving parts. This rocket designed by the mastermind. The most important thing is this rocket has multiple restarters. This is also made for inserting various satellites into multiple orbits in one mission.

What is Skyroot Aerospace?
This Rocket Engine developed by the Skyroot firm. The company headquartered at Hyderabad. The founder is Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori. This Skyroot Aerospace was founded by former scientists of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

What is the mission?
In the year 2021, this rocket will be launched. This is the first rocket that is to be launched in lower earth orbit weight around 250-700 kgs.

Aerospace start-ups in India :
India opened private players in the space sector. Skyroot, Bellatrix, and Agnikul are the space sectors. The main aim is to make a small satellite launcher in the market.

What is the Private Sector in ISRO?
In the year of June 2020 government opening the opportunity to private sectors in this filed. The space research organization focus on development, activities, exploration, new technologies, exploration mission, and also human space flight programs.

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