First nuclear reactor: UAE

Nuclear reactor in UAE
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‘Barakah’ is the first nuclear reactor to start by UAE. This is one of the leading Oil-rich Gulf states. This reactor is in Abu Dhabi.

Barakah :
The word Barakah means ‘blessing’ in Arabic. This Barakah Nuclear is one joint venture program. The two countries are working together is the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).
The process of nuclear fission in on its four reactors. The energy in the reactor plant will be generated by a 1,400-megawatt pressurized water reactor, designed in South Korea, called APR-1400. This time all four reactors are on working position, The vision of the country has all reactors set to the operational mode by 2023. This plant produces around 5.6 gigawatts of the energy which will be enough to serve a quarter of the countries.

Other Progress :

  1. UAE is investing heavily in solar power.
  2. The country sent a probe on a Mars Mission.
  3. (IAEA) International Atomic Energy Agency wrote that the plant’s Unit 1 had achieved its first criticality – that is, generation of a controlled fission chain reaction.

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