First Indian Phone call

Jyoti Basu
Image Source – Google | by – Biswarup Ganguly

From the Chief Minister’s Office in Kolkata on July 31, 1995, is the date of the first Indian Phone call. Jyoti Basu made a mobile call to the Union Transport Minister Sukhram in Delhi.
Modi Telstra, an Australian subsidiary, was the first mobile company. Next came the same spice name. In 1973 Dr. Martin Cooper Made the first mobile call in the United States. Then in 1983 came the mobile phone for sale. later, new features like SMS in 1992, Game in 1994, Color Screen in 1997, Video Calling in 1999, Camara in 2000. MO3 Player in 2009, Memory card, Two Lense camera in 2014 were added.

History of Telephone Call :
In March of 10, 1876 the first Telephone Call. Alexander Graham Bell, invent this telephone. Firstly he calls to his assistant. Thomas Watson is the assistant. “Mr. Watson–come here–I want to see you. What would you have said?

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