FIDE Chess Olympiad: India and Russia declared joint winners

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1. The first online FIDE Chess Olympiad was held. Both India and Russia were declared joint winners after the first round of the final against Russia ended in a draw.

2. In the second round of the FIDE Chess Olympiad, fast-paced Jagajjeti Koneru Hampi as well as young chess players Nihalsarin and Divya Deshmukh lost their internet connections.

3. So they had to face defeat. After winning the second round by a margin of 5-1.5, Russia claimed the title for the first time in 18 years.

4. But India has officially appealed to the World Chess Federation (FIDE) for a breakdown on the internet.

5. After a review by FIDE’s review committee, FNCCI President Arkady Dokewich decided to split the championship.

6. Russia has not won a Chess Olympiad since 2002.

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