Father of personal computer: Arnold Spielberg dies

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Arnold spielber, was father of Hollywood director Steven Spielberg. He was an ingenious engineer and the father of personal computers. He died of an old age on the date of 27th August 2020.

Journey Childhood to computer:
Speielberg CRO Arnold was born in 1917 to a Ukrainian-Jewish immigrant couple. He had gadgets from childhood surrounded by Arnold. He created Crystal Radio in the ninth year. Also he made radio at the age of 15. After that he developed skills During World War II, he also served as a radio operator and communication for the bomb squad.

How was the personal computer born?
While working for General Electric, Arnold Spielberg and Charles Propster designed the GE-225, a mainframe computer, in 1950. This enabled scientists at Dartmouth College to Develop a basic programming language. This led to the birth of the personal computer in the 1970s and 1980s. 

Reference Used: Daily News paper Lokmat

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