Fastag from January 1 in India

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The use of fastags has been made mandatory for all four-wheelers in the country from January 1.

Which weicals Included in this rule?

The rule will also apply to M and N class vehicles, including those purchased before December 1, 2017. Fastag have been started at toll plazas on national highways across the country. Initially, the scheme will be operational on only 75 per cent of the lanes, while all other lanes will have cash facility for toll collection.

Why Fastag Important?

Pathkar means the fasttag route of vehicles passing through the toll plaza is instantaneous and without the exchange of cash. If the route is used by vehicles without fasttag, double toll is levied.

How Fastag works?

As soon as the fast tagged vehicle arrives at the toll plaza, the tag is read through the radio frequency identification and the toll money goes through the vehicle holder’s account and the vehicle owner gets the information on the registered mobile number. Fast-tagged vehicles do not have to stop at toll plazas.


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