‘Etikoppaka’ dolls of Visakhapatnam

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What is the statement of PM?

In the Program Mann ki, Baat Dated on 30 Aug.2020. Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi highlighted the Etikoppaka doll of Visakhpatnam District of Andhra Pradesh. This is a famous AIR Pics Visakhapatnam district that finds a place. In the live program, PM said about the toys would be useful to unleash the creativity in children. In this current Pandemic situation.

What is Etikoppaka Art?

This Etikoppaka dolls built by artist CV Raju. His work was appreciated by the Prime Minister. PM said that it should be considered as a good opportunity for the village. These toys made with lacquer color. These toys are also known as Ethikoppaka toys or Ethikoppaka Bomalu. These toys made of wood. This artist applies to lacquer coating in these toys.

Images :

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