Environmental Performance Index 2020

About Environmental Index

In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly, various countries of the world conduct environmental protection and on the basis of that, an environmental review of the country every two years. Coordinates Out of the total marks set for determining the index, 40 percent marks are reserved for environmental sustainability and 60 percent marks for ecosystem efficiency.

Environmental health

Environmental Sustainability is the key indicator for this component are air quality, efficiency in solid waste management, public hygiene, and safe drinking water, etc.

Ecosystem Efficiency

Ecosystem Efficiency The key indicators for this component are the habitat of living things, biodiversity, the variety of services provided by different ecosystems, water resources, fisheries, global warming, and climate change, and the emission of pollutants.

Research Centers of Index

Yale and Columbia Universities in the United States, as well as the Joint Research Center of the World Economic Forum and the European Commission, have jointly developed a system to determine the performance index (Environmental Performance Index) to review what kind of conservation policies are in place.

Researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada have made some assumptions using this method. He pointed out that countries whose citizens have a high level of compassion for nature have a major role to play in nature conservation. The first Environmental Performance Index was released in 2006. The index is published every two years.

Ranking of Environmental Index

Denmark ranks first among 180 countries with 82% marks.
India was ranked 125th out of 132 countries in the 2012 index, and despite improvements in two years, India was ranked 155th out of 178 countries in 2014. However, in the 2016 index, its performance on the environmental front deteriorated so much that India reached 177th place out of 180 countries. India ranks 172nd out of 180 countries in the 2018 index; In this year’s (2020) survey, it is ranked 168th.

Reference Used: E Paper Loksatta

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