Emmy Awards 2020

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About Emmy Awards 2020:

1.Euten Levy was voted Best Actor in theEuten Levy was voted Best Actor in the Shits Creek Drama Series. Series.

2.Skit Creek won nine awards – breaking the Ames record for the most wins in a single season of comedy.

3.The heirs won Best Actor of the Night, Best Drama Series, and Best Actor for Jeremy Strong.

4.The HBO series also won awards in the drama category for Best Writing and Best Direction.

5.The 24-year-old Zendaya became the youngest actress to be named Best Actress for her performance in Euphoria. It was presented by comedian Jimmy Kimmel from an empty staples center in Los Angeles, with some guest spectators joining him in the studio.

6.Jeremy Strong of Saxons was named Best Actor for his performance in Kendall Roy Katherine O-Hara and Eugene Levy were voted Best Comedy Actress and Best Actor, respectively.

7.Daniel Levy and Murphy Murphy won the Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress trophies.

8.The Canadian comedy series, produced by the father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, follows a wealthy Rose family who is forced to move to a small town motel after losing their fortunes.

9.The show debuted on Pop TV in 201 Pop, but after joining Netflix, it developed a huge fan base around the world.

10.The win also included excellent directing for a comedy series by Andrew Cividino and Daniel Levy, with the final writing for the happy ending in the latter part is also written briefly.

11.Dan Levy accepted as the best award in the comedy series.

12. 24-year-old Jennifer Isht Niston, Laura Lynne, and Olivia Coleman became the latest contestants of the challenge and the youngest ever winner.

13.Regina King was voted Best Actress in a Limited Series for her performance in Watchmen.

Reference Used : BBC News

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