DRDO develops new oxygen system for Covid19

The DRDO said that the SPO 2-based supplemental oxygen supplement system has been developed for high-altitude personnel as well as for patients with Covid 19.
The ‘Supplemental Oxygen Supply System’ is an automated system that supplies supplemental oxygen based on SPO2, the level of oxygen in the blood. It can also prevent a person from going into a state of hypoxia. In most cases, the condition can be serious. In the case of hypoxia, the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues of the body is not sufficient for all the energy needs of the body. The DRDO said the virus caused a similar condition in patients with Covid 19.
This has created a crisis right now. If the patient of ‘Covid 19’ falls below the SPO-2 level of 94, he is advised to contact a doctor immediately and be admitted to the hospital. The new oxygen system can be very useful not only for the personnel deployed at high altitudes with sparse oxygen but also for the people affected by the ‘Covid 19’ epidemic.

This indigenously developed system is cheap and of high quality and is now being mass-produced.

Reference: E-Paper Pudhari

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