Discovery of two new Dragonfly: Euphia thosegharensis and Euphia pseudodispar

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The two Dragonfly discovered by the researchers will be named Euphia thosegharensis and Euphia pseudodispar.
      The Western Ghats region has two of these species.
Dr.  Researchers in Sataya from Shriram Bhakre Chalkewadi and Kas area have succeeded in discovering two new Dragonfly (needle) damselflav.

Researchers :

Insect / butterfly researcher from Satara, Dr.  Shriram Bhakre, Dr.  Pratima Pawar and Sunil Bhoite, three researchers from Trivandrum (Kerala).  Kalesh Sadashivan and Vinayan Nair.

Journal of Brexit Taxa:

  These two new species belong to the genus Euphaea. Three previously recorded in the Western Ghats. These two new species have now been added to the list.  All these five species are found all over the world in the Western Ghats region of India.

Previous research:

      The previously recorded Euphaea Fraser is commonly found in the area from Maharashtra to Kanyakumari from 100 to 1200 m above sea level.  Found only at altitude.  Gufaiya Kahirnalis 200 m south of Palghat Gap.  Above the altitude, however, Annamalai Palani, Agastyamalai is found in the hilly region.  Commonly known as torret dart, it is a type of damselfly, and in the local Marathi language it is called Sai or Chatur.  Rivers, streams, streams, reservoirs and other wetlands can be seen.  The initial stages of their biomass are completed in this water and then they break off their wings and start flying out of the water.

References: E paper Lokmat

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