Direct imagery of two planets with the help of a powerful telescope: the Europen Southern Observatory.

Two Planets
Image Source – Google | by – EVAN GOUGH

What is a new Research?

Scientists have succeeded in obtaining a direct image of two orbiting planets. This image was captured/ Most of the sun’s rays are picked up by other telescopes such as radio waves. But for the first time, scientists have obtained direct images with the help of infrared rays. About 300 light-years from Earth, the solar system is in its infancy. Lead researcher Dr. Leiden Univeristy in the Netherlands. Expressed by Alexandra Bohan.

What are new features:

1.Both of these giant planets in the solar system are made up of gases.

2. The distance of the firest planet from this star is 160 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun, while the second planet is 320 times the distance from the star. That is, if we consider our solar system, they are orbiting the star at a greater distance than Jupiter or Saturn, which is made of air.

3. If we compare their mass, the mass of the planet is 14 times that of our Jupiter, While the mass of the outer planet is more than 16 times.

4. The star, Known as TYC – 8998 760-1, is only 1.7 million years old. That means he is much younger than our sun. Scientists used a special plant called ‘Sphere’ to capture these planets, which block the bright light of the stars.  

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