Dialogue Between India And Indonesia

Indai & Indonesia
Map of India and Indonesia
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On the date of 27 July 2020, India and Indonesia dialogue successfully done. This dialogue is on Defence ministers of both countries. Indian Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh and the other side Prabowo Subainto participates in this meeting.
Points of This Dialogue :

  1. Strengthening the ties between the two maritime neighbors.
  2. Included Export of Brahmos missile to a strategic partnership.
  3. Line of India-Indonesia with the India-China standoff at Line of Actual Control, there are possibilities for similar encounters in the maritime.

Malabar Exercise

Between India, Japan, and the USA.
Since 1992 is a bilateral exercise between India and the United States. Japan is also partner since 2015.
Quadrilateral Security Dialogue: India, US, Japan, and Australia. Similarly India exercise with Indonesia.

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