Development assistance loan of Rs. 3,00 crore from Japan to India to fight Corona

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About Meeting :

Representative Japan has provided an official development assistance loan of Rs 3,300 crore to support the Corona emergency response. Additional Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs Dr. C. Notes were exchanged between S Mohapatra and Suzuki Satoshi, Ambassador of Japan to India for health sector loans to fight the Corona Cris is. After exchanging notes, Dr. Mohapatra and JICA chief representative Katsuo Matsumoto signed a loan agreement for the event. Agency of International Cooperation of Japan, JICA.

What is the Program loan targets?

The purpose of this program loan is to support India’s efforts to fight Kovid-1 and to build a health system to manage future epidemics and improve the resilience of India’s health system against infectious diseases.

Relation of India and Japan:

1. India and Japan have a long and fruitful history of bilateral development cooperation since 1958.

2. Over the years, economic cooperation between India and Japan has evolved into a strong and strategic partnership.

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