COVID-19 Touchless Automatic Thermometer Invention: Production of Shivaji University

The Department of Nano Science and Technology, Shivaji University, Kolhapur has developed a Touchless Automatic Thermometer. This Thermometer is useful in curbing the transmission of Coronavirus. The research of ‘virus shell fabric spray’ presented by the researchers on Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Under the department of the Center for Nano-Fabrics. This can be given Protection against coronavirus, Efforts by various research groups around the world are underway to prevent, prevent, and control it. In the same vein, research professors from the Shivaji University Kolhapur, Department School of Nano Science and Technology have worked.

What is the Use of this Thermometer?
This device operates without human intervention, there is no need for independent measurement and monitoring of temperature by an individual. Naturally, this device is useful in preventing transmission from one person to another. This will help Asha workers, nurses, doctors as well as volunteers who provide TSAM services in public places to be protected from possible infections. This touchless battery-operated device can be easily placed anywhere. The device can be used in various offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, malls, and other public places. Meanwhile, the university has approached some industry groups for the comprehensive manufacture of the device, which will soon be available everywhere at low rates.

Who is the Researcher of this Project?
Researcher in the Department of Nano Science and Technology, Pvt. Dr. Tukaram Dongale from Ichalkaranji. Also Pvt. Paresh Mattikalli’s colleague has developed a ‘touchless automatic thermometer’.

What is Shivaji University Kolhapur?
Shivaji University Kolhapur is one of the best universities in India. This University is in Maharastra state include in Kolhapur District. This University is leading to research and new development. This university is under UGC guidance.
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