BRICS Virtual Meeting

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In the BRICS Meeting foreign Ministers of the Countries Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS).

Topics to discuss:

  1. Despite their historical background and specific nature, the conflict must be resolved through peaceful means and diplomatic investment in accordance with the principles of political dialogue and international law, and in particular the UN Charter.

2. He referred to UNSC projection-232322 in which he called for a normal and immediate cessation of hostilities in all cases except military action against terrorist groups.

3. India called for enhanced cooperation in the five-nation BRICS group to counter the threat of terrorism. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar called for enhanced cooperation among member countries to counter the threat of terrorism.

4. China and Russia reiterated the importance attached to the position of Brazil, India, and South Africa in international affairs and supported their aspiration to play a greater role in the United Nations.

5. The meeting, chaired by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, was also attended by Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Arazo, China’s Wang Yi, and South African Foreign Minister Grace Naledi Pandor.

Reference Used: Air News

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