2nd October Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

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2nd October is the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Many times such great personalities have appeared on the land of this country, who has inspired human beings to walk on the path of righteousness, non-violence, and cosmopolitanism. The name of Mahatma Gandhi is prominent among these great personalities.

About the family of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhiji’s full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat. Gandhiji’s father Karamchand Gandhi was the Diwan of Rajkot princely state.

Mohandas’ mother Putlibai was a pious and affectionate woman. The boy Mohan had read a play about Shravan Kumar’s mother-father devotion. This had a profound effect on his mind. He had also read the story of the truthful king Harishchandra. Impressed by this, he decided to walk on the path of truth for life. After passing the matriculation examination, Mohandas went to Samaldas College, Bhavnagar

Career of Mahatma Gandhi

Meanwhile, he was married to Kasturba. Now Mohan’s family decided to send him to England to study law and become a barrister. With the blessings of his mother Putlibai, Mohan left for England. Mohandas soon obtained a barrister’s degree in England and came to India. He practiced in Mumbai for some time, but could not succeed. He finally reached South Africa in May 1893 at the invitation of Seth Abdullah, a merchant of Porbandar.

M.K. Gandhi Challenges face In Africa

In those days, the British government of South Africa implemented a policy of apartheid. Due to the apartheid policy, Gandhiji had to be humiliated many times. Enraged by this, he started a movement against the government of South Africa. In this movement. There was a lot of support from the immigrant Indians and liberal Europeans. Finally succeeded in his objective and returned to India thereafter.

Mahatma Gandhi Return from Africa

After coming to India, Gandhiji traveled to every nook and corner of India to know the true nature of his country. Seeing the pathetic condition of Indians, his heart was distracted with compassion. For the purpose of permanently residing, he built an ashram on the banks of the Sabarmati river near Ahmedabad, and on 25 May 1915, he started living there.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Role in Freedom Straggle of India

In those days India was clutched in the shackles of British slavery. Gandhiji called upon the Indian public to free the country from the slavery of the British. At his call, the freedom fighters jumped into the freedom struggle. Gandhiji gave him unique weapons of ahimsa and ‘satyagraha’. Finally, the freedom movement under Gandhiji’s leadership was successful and on 15 August 1949, India was freed from the slavery of the British.

Creative Programs of Mahatama Gandhi

Gandhiji also started a creative program. Special emphasis was laid on communal unity, untouchability-prevention, prohibition, promotion of Khadi, basic education, adult education, village industries, etc. under this program. The upliftment of women, farmers, laborers, tribals, etc. was also given priority.

Deviation Of India and Pakistan

On their way to India, the British divided this country into India and Pakistan, these two countries. Partition of the country resulted in the flames of violence and heavy bloodshed in both India and Pakistan. Disgusted with this, Gandhiji moved to East Bengal’s Noakhali district to establish peace among Hindus and Muslims. From there when they? When he returned, in Delhi, while going to the prayer meeting, a youth named Nathuram Godse opened fire on him. Gandhiji ‘Hey Ram!’ Saying that he fell on the earth and his life was over.

Gandhi, the priest of truth, non-violence, and love, created the new India. He was an era-maker. Therefore, the Indian public has expressed their gratitude by giving him the title of ‘Father of the Nation’.

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi

A full-sized marble statue of Gandhiji was installed in 1955 at the Sarvodaya Temple in Kombhali village in Karjat taluka of Ahmednagar district. A temple was built for this purpose. A pre-independence school was started in this village. The children of this school were engaged in spinning yarn and the yarn was sent to Wardha. Gandhiji used to give prizes to the school which would send more yarn. Thus all the certificates that this school has won many prizes are safe in this school. Gandhiji’s temple is Rajghat for the citizens of Kombhalne village. It has become an inspiration for the youth of the village. Therefore, the citizens of this village got to know Gandhiji’s thoughts.

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