Bird week in Maharashtra from 5th to 12th November

The state will be celebrating Bird Week from November 5 to 12 this year. Forest Minister of Maharashtra Sanjay Rathore.

How the concept of bird week came?


Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had instructed to celebrate Bird Week at the 15th meeting of the State Wildlife Board to create awareness among the masses about the birds. Maruti Chitampally, whose name is given priority in the production of wildlife literature, has a birthday on November 5, while ornithologist Padmabhushan Dr Salim Ali’s birthday is on November 12. Bird Week will be celebrated from November 5 to 12 to mark this day.

Activities in the bird week

This week will raise awareness about the of parties, migration and domicile, protection, conservation. There will also be online bird photo exhibitions, bird photo competitions, painting competitions. Bird nature information leaflets, books, posters etc. will also be provided.


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