Bangladeshi poet Nazrul’s 44th death anniversary

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On the date of 27th August 2020, Bangladesh observed the 44th death anniversary of poet Kaze Nazrul Islam. In 24th May 1899 poet Nazrul was born. His birth place was Paschim Barhman district of West Bengal.
Kazi Nazrul Islam composed over 3000 songs. He was known as Bidrohi Kobi or reble poet. In her poems deeply imbued with a sense of humanism. Also they point out justice and rebellion against oppression. This is main source of inspiration during the liberation war of Bangladesh. In 1971 time of Bangladesh Independence. He was staying in kolkata.

Famous Poetry and songs:
Agni Bina, Sanchita, Phanimanasa, Chakrabak,
Dolan Chapa, Bisher Bashi, Chhayanat

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