Asian Development Bank(ADB) approves 3 million Us Dollar to India

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ADB has approved 3 million US Dollars to India to fight against COVID-19. The date of approval is 30, July 2020. This found granted from the Asia Pacific Disaster Response Found.

ADB is a regional development bank established in 1965. Its headquarters are located in Manila, Philippines. India became a member of ADB since it’s the foundation.

Important Points :

The government of Japan is granted financial support to India. This foundation is used for thermal scanners, enhancement of disease surveillance and early detection, contact tracing, and treatment.

(CARES) Programe :

COVID – 19 Active Response and Expenditure Support. This program of ADB quick support for public health measures. This program also stands for social protection, economically vulnerable, women, and unprivileged groups. ADB approved 1.5 billion US Dollars from this found 28 April 2020. Important thing is that the CARES program is funded through the CPRO under Contercyclical Support.


COVID – 19 pandemic response option (CPRO)

It’s established to provide assistance to the member countries’ pandemic response.


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