Apollo 11 astronaut Michelle Collins dies

Michelle Collins | Image Source Google | By Reuters

Michelle Collins, the astronaut in NASA’s first historic 1969 manned mission to the moon, died on April 29, 2021 in  Florida. He was 90 years old.  For 7 years of his life, he worked at NASA as an astronaut.  He was the pilot of the Apollo 11 module in a group of 3 people going to the moon.

Michael Collins has written a memoir, ‘Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut’s Journey’.  Michael Collins was third with Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin on July 20, 1969, when the first human footprints were made on the moon.  Leaving both of them in the ‘Eagle’ spacecraft that goes to the moon, he started hovering around the moon.

Michael Collins:
      He was a native Italian, immigrated by family during World War II, so education took place in the United States.  He joined the US Navy in 1958 as a pilot.  There, in 1960, he was assigned as a test pilot.  In October 1963, he was selected by NASA as a space crew after examining his flight knowledge and skills, as well as his physical / mental abilities.  This was the third team selected by NASA.  It took a real leap into space on July 18, 1966.  Collins, driving the Gemini 10,
Became the third human to walk in outer space.  When he was selected for the successful lunar mission ‘Apollo 11’, it was also decided who would land on the actual moon.  In 1970, he retired from NASA in his forties and became the director of the Smithsonian Space Museum.

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