Alter, Rice and Hotton Wins Nobel Prize 2020

Nobel Prize Winner

Harvey J. a U.S. scientist, has discovered the hepatitis C virus that causes liver cancer and inflammation of the liver. Starr, Charles M. Rice, and British scientist Michael Houghton were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine on 5th October 2020.

About Alter, Rice and Hotton

His work helped to clarify the main cause of Hepatitis C in the blood. At the same time, it was possible to save millions of lives by developing tests and drugs. Anti-viral drugs were rapidly developed. The disease can now be cured and the virus can be eradicated from the world, “said the Nobel Committee. Hepatitis ‘C’ due to the discovery of Alter, Rice, and Hotton blood tests became available. The world of tests Outbreaks appears to be exacerbated during transfusions. The threat was eliminated and global health improved, This was also mentioned by the Nobel Committee.

Reference Used

E Paper Loksatta

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